Roman Stone Construction Company is dedicated to bringing to you, our valued customer, the most extensive and comprehensive inventory of Cast Iron products to satisfy any need. Here is just a sampling of what we offer in stock, ready for immediate delivery:

  • Manhole and Property Line Box Covers
  • Distribution Box, Splice Box and Pull Box Covers
  • Cast Iron Junction Boxes
  • Watertight and Locking Frames and Covers
  • Slab Type Frames Covers and Grates
  • Inlet Frames with "Stream Flow," Oval Hole Type or Bicycle Grates
  • Curb Type of the Same Variety
  • Catch Basin Vapor Traps
  • Monument Box Inspection and Access Frames and Covers
  • Round, Square and Rectangular Frames and Covers or Grates
  • Extension Rings
  • New York State DOT Traffic Signal and Fiber Optic castings
  • New York City DOT Street Lighting and Traffic Department Castings
  • NYC Fire and Parks Department Frames and Covers or Grates
  • New York City Transit Authority, MTA and LIRR Castings
  • The Port Authority of NY/NJ Cast Iron Roadway and Ductile Iron Runway Frames and Covers for both Electrical and Drainage Applications
  • Largest Inventory in the State Of Con Edison Specified Manhole Covers, Valve Boxes and other related products
  • Trench Frames and Grates, All Grades

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