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Latest News: East Hampton and Southampton Towns have published their Septic Rebate Program guidelines! These programs can be used concurrently with the Suffolk County “Reclaim our Water” grant funding or can be used separately for a rebate directly from the Town (if approved).

If you live in East Hampton, the Town of East Hampton Septic Rebate Program is available for eligible residential and commercial property owners who replace their existing septic system with a Norweco Singulair or Hydro-Kinetic I/A OWTS. Please go to for information on this program.

If you live in Southampton, I/A OWTS Rebates are available through the Community Preservation Fund for systems within the Medium and High Priority Areas of the WQIPP and for income eligible applicants please visit for details on their program.

Suffolk County Grant Septic Improvement Program:
For details please go to Suffolk County’s new website for all of the details. On July 3rd, Suffolk County officially opened its application process for up to $11,000.00 in Grant funds and up to $10,000.00 in low interest loan options for residential homeowners to upgrade to nitrogen reducing I/A OWTS. The website has an enrollment & application process and has lots of information for homeowners.

Should the Suffolk County website not answer your questions, please call us at #631-336-2420 x149 to learn more or email us at

Email Bob at roman Stone OWTS

Additionally, if you live in one of the other three east-End Towns (Riverhead, Shelter Island, or Southold) you may be eligible for additional CPF funding sources that are currently being developed. Please call us to learn why the Norweco Singulair TNT or Hydro-Kinetic are the best choice for you.

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Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems:

Singulair Total Nitrogen Treatment (TNT)

Brochure - Spec Sheet Concrete System
Brochure - Spec Sheet Green System

500 GPD
Spec Sheet

600 GPD
Spec Sheet

750/800 GPD
Spec Sheet

1,000 GPD
Spec Sheet

1250 GPD
Spec Sheet

1500 GPD
Spec Sheet

Service Pro Control Panels

WASP Panel
Start Up & Operation
Wiring & Installation
Wiring Diagram

Telemetry Unit

H20 Rated Cast Iron Frame and Covers
Blue Crystal Brochure
Blue Crystal Data Sheet
Blue Crystal Specs
Bio-Neut Brochure
Bio-Neut Data Sheet
Bio-Neut Specs

Commercial Systems – We manufacture our own high quality concrete tanks up to 10,000 GPD and we have even larger commercial advanced wastewater treatment systems up to 500,000 GPD.

Please contact our office at 631-667-0566 ext 149 to get more information.

Drainage Fields – We provide advanced dispersal field solutions including the Geomat, GST, and Soil Air from GeoMatrix.

Please call 631-667-0566 ext 149 for more information.