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  • The only system available with no pins, bolts, or loose hardware that meets and exceeds the NCHRP-350, Test Level 3 requirements
  • Self-aligning - automatically “hooks” into place. Identical ends allow you to turn the barrier end-for-end
  • Fastest setting times and lowest installation costs
  • Vertical lift simplifies installation and removal
  • One barrier can be removed without disturbing adjacent barriers
  • Smaller installation crews, no loose hardware
  • Eliminates replacement costs for rusted nuts and lost bolts
  • Improved safety - no hands between barrier segments during placement
  • Tight radius ability
  • No loss of structural integrity or security breach due to lost or stolen hardware
  • Theft-proof connection means no missing or stolen pins and loose hardware
  • Self-aligning means no need to “jostle” barrier when installing or removing pins that bind and slow setting/removal

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The following link is from the NYSDOT detailing rejection thresholds  for damaged temporary  barrier TCB:

Click HERE for drawings detailing the approved NYSDOT barrier types.

Since March 5th, 2009 Roman Stone Construction has been producing the J-J Hooks traffic barrier connection system. The Easi-Set Industries proprietary J-J Hooks positive connection system has become a “standard” on North American and international highways in recent years and is the most widely used private connection design in the United States.When we first received our license for the J-J Hooks system, Roman Stone received in-plant production training from Easi-Set Industries focusing on the efficient set up, pouring, removing and yarding of the J-J Hooks barriers. Production training areas include in-plant, hands-on instruction related to ensuring Easi-Set’s quality standards from the welding of the J-J Hooks to the cleaning and care of the precision steel molds.

The following link is from the NYSDOT detailing rejection thresholds  for damaged temporary  barrier TCB:

The J-J Hooks barrier connection system has been crash tested and passed the National Cooperative Highway Research Program 350 Level 3 standards. Self-aligning, identical-ended J-J Hook connectors allow for quick, easy installation of the barrier. There is no loose hardware, permitting a single section to be easily removed without disturbing adjacent sections and eliminating the possibility of lost, stolen or damaged parts. This is important for easy emergency access and protection against tampering and vandalism. J-J Hooks can be used as a temporary or permanent barrier system. It is the lowest cost barrier connection system available in the industry today.

(*Although Our Preferred Jersey Barrier Connection is the NYSDOT Approved J-J Hook®, We Also Provide Barrier with the NYSDOT Key Connection Method.)


The NYSDOT TCB,  Key connection has been MASH TL3 tested and has been approved for use where minimal deflection is required. When pinned and stiffened with box beam the NYSDOT TCB will meet the most stringent minimum deflection standard on any NYSDOT projects. All Roman Stone barrier have pin holes in them for use in pinning down the barrier to the road surface.

See the below web site for NYSDOT deflection standards.

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  • NYSDOT Approved Single Sloped Barrier
  • Median & Transition Barrier Pieces
  • Architectural Barrier