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precast1 sBenefits of using the Roman Road Systems® with our Polymer Injection Material:

  • Saves Money - Less prep work involved in leveling the base
  • Faster - Roadway can be re-opened within 15 minutes after application
  • Safer - no 'HOG' required that puts men at danger from traffic in adjacent lanes
  • Two Times Better - Doubles the life of the roadway as the polymer material completely stabilizes the base and provides a stronger, longer lasting repair
  • Eliminate Delays - Can be applied in all weather conditions (from 3 to 105 degrees F) rain or shine
  • Build Green -The polymer is environmentally friendly and is hydro-insensitive (actually pushes out trapped water)
  • Quality Controlled - All panels are precast indoors at our Long Island plant and quality checked before delivery

Roman Stone Construction Company is proud to present their latest innovation in precast pavement repair and replacement.

  • Save time, effort, and money in replacing damaged roadway surfaces with the NYSDOT Approved method aptly named - ROMAN ROAD SYSTEMS®

After the damaged roadway surface is excavated and removed in the usual manner, tamp the exposed subsurface and place a new Roman Road Systems® precast concrete roadway panel, made exactly to your dimensions, in the prepared area. Then watch as our team of highly trained professionals go to work injecting our high density polyurethane into small ports in the panel allowing the polymer to reach deep into the base completely stabilizing and lifting the panel to grade.

Roman Road Systems® is approved by the New York State Department of Transportation and every customer receives a complete set of instructions and drawings outlining every step of this highly advanced, new process. These documents are then used by the contractor to prepare the site, install the PCPS and to provide the NYS Inspector with guidance ensuring the slabs are installed properly. The end result - A long lasting, full-depth concrete repair within hours!